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Although I have written many articles and memos for specific situations and publications over the years, the contents have broader implications that go beyond the specific context. With a modest amount of translation, the ideas can be applied to a vast array of other situations. These articles and memos may be freely distributed. But because they are copyrighted, they may not be published without my explicit permission. Information pertaining directly to Spaces Speak can be found at the pages Discussions and Downloads.

The Last Word from Radio World Engineering Extra (pdf):

Oct. 27, 2004 The Psychology of Technical Quality
Feb. 23, 2005 The Deadly Psychology of Schedules and Deadlines
Apr. 6, 2005 The Universal Applicability of Negotiating
Jun. 15, 2005 Technology Scarcity and Surplus
Aug. 24, 2005 The Broadcaster’s Choice: Your Space or My Space
Oct. 19, 2005 The Paradoxes of Learning
Dec. 14, 2005 The Shifting Forces that Are Affecting the Radio Industry
Feb. 2, 2006 Chaos Theory: Limits of Analysis and Predictions 
Apr. 15, 2006 The Evolving Gatekeepers of Headspace
Jun. 14, 2006 Ignoring Logical Reasoning is Logical 
Aug 23, 2006 CDs Prove Secondary Features Matter
Oct. 18, 2006 New Audio Villages Challenge Ballistic Radio
Dec. 13, 2006Social Spatiality Belongs in Radio Broadcasting
Feb. 21, 2007Educational Community for Engineers
Jun. 13, 2007The Tall Tale of the Long Tail
Aug. 22, 2007The Long Tail Wags Broadcasters
Oct. 17, 2007Does Innovation Drive Use of Technology?
Dec. 12, 2007Nothing Compares to Word-of-Mouth Buzz
Feb. 20, 2008Imagination: The Real Art of Radio
Apr. 16, 2008Radio Must Enfranchise Creative Talent
Jun. 11, 2008What Does It Mean to Manage?
Aug. 20, 2008Four Steps to Management Proficiency
Oct. 15, 2008What Does it Mean to be Multilingual?
Dec. 10, 2008Hidden and Diffuse Power of Corporate Culture
Feb. 18, 2009Soft-Skills Predict Professional Success
Apr. 15, 2009A System Model for Human Interactions
Jun. 10, 2009The Biological Cost of Stress in Broadcasting
Aug. 19, 2009Broadcasters: Head-Space Farmers in a New Ant Hill
Oct. 14, 2009Free But Fragile
Feb. 17, 2010Who Pays for Past Sins?
Apr. 13, 2010The Human Wonderland of System Complexity
Jun. 9, 2010Emotions as Engineering Glue
Oct. 13, 2010Flawed Human Communications
Dec. 13, 2010Old Business Ideas for 21st Century
Apr. 20, 2011Airplane Crashes Provide Enlightenment
Aug. 22, 2011
Oct. 21, 2011Successful Writen Communications
Feb. 23, 2012Audio-Video Models in Transition

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